Easy-Unwind, White Cloth Tape (100 yd.)



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This is a pressure sensitive, cotton cloth tape.

We stock a full line of cloth and paper binding tapes in a variety of colors and widths in large diameter rolls. If you don’t see what you need please contact us for pricing and availability.

Additional information


vinyl-coated cloth


pressure sensitive synthetic rubber




100 yds.


12.5 mils

Adhesive Thickness

3 mils

Core Diameter

3 in.

Outside Diameter

9 in.

Initial Tack (steel)

3.5 lbs./in. of width

Tack After 24 Hours (steel)

4.5 lbs./in. of width

Tensile Strength

48 lbs./in. of width

Static Shear @ 72°F (1 x 1 x 500 grams)

500 hrs. min.

Optimum Application Temperature

65°F to 80°F

Functional Temperature

30°F to 100°F

Shelf Life

1 year at room temperature